Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BCNE for cheap (maybe free?)

Good news: Brocade started a "Fast track" program for Cisco certified folks, so you can get the BCNE cert for USD99. It includes a web-based training program and a promo code for the VUE exam, so you get it free.
Plus: Brocade exams don't expire.
I think I'll look into this stuff.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sexual hypocrite

Webcomic of the week: Treading Ground

ESD wrist strap for a living?

Since I started watching some Juniper hardware installation videos (and since I am a licensed hardware technician and all), I wanted to get an ESD wrist strap for daily work.
So I go to my favorite component store, where they tell me they are fresh out, come back next week. It'll cost me around 2500 HUF. Next week the same, repeated the process a few times, finally got bored.
Quite a few weeks later it hit me: eBay. The source of all shite. So I fire up, and Hongkong to the rescue: GBP 0.99, free shipping. That's like 1/10th of the price here.
Maybe I'll start importing this stuff for a living.


Okay, most of the exam questions suck. Bad english, factual errors, subjective answers: repeat the exams a few times to get it right.
But at the end, you earn a sexy PDF...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free as in beer

Surprise of the week: ZyXEL provides free networking certificates, namely the ZCNP. Both the exams and the online courses are free at
The most interesting for me are the switching and the IP DSLAM courses and certs.
Be prepared though, these guys speak funny english...
More details if i pass the exams.

Use the notes, Luke!
Most of the material is on the notes tab, not on the slide. Also, the one who wrote the notes almost speaks proper english.