Friday, February 11, 2011

It's time to Cisco

I'm proud to report that i've got a new job, as a full-time network admin. No user support, no more installing XP boxes, only the phat tubes. Yeah.
And it's a university, so we've got plenty of chicks...

It's a Cisco place, with some HP boxes, so i won't play with Juniper gear for a while, apart my own Netscreen at home. Oh well...

An interesting upcoming project is with an Aruba Mobility Controller, a centrally managed WiFi solution. Brochures say it's cool, user guide says it's cool, maybe it'll be cool. Stay tuned for details as we progress.
On a related note, Juniper just put up it's new Wireless fundamentals e-learning course.

What we learned today: if you're upgrading a Cisco MARS appliance from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3, read the release notes first, and check out the MARS blog.
To gain root access to the box: reboot, hold right Shift key during POST and Lilo, when Lilo prompt appears, press any key, like 'A'. Boot with 'linux init=/bin/bash', remount the root fs in rw mode, and passwd with a smile. Reboot, after pnadmin login, use the 'expert' command.
After that, you can clean up the /u01 partition, so the failed 4.2.3 upgrade can start again...