Monday, September 5, 2011

Cisco HW repair, the CCT cert and the RPS

About a month ago, I bought some cheap Cisco gear on eBay: an ASA 5505, a 2970 series Gbit switch, a 1131 AP, and so on. Some of these devices worked, some were gutted, and some were failing. The items were sold was as-is, so it's not a problem, as I'll try to repair them, as my time allows. If I manage to solve anything, I'll post about it.

On a related note, Cisco released their hardware support certifications (called CCT), which is a great idea IMHO. I'm also a big fan of the HP APS and the CompTIA A+ certifications. Most likely I'll get a CCT R&S.

One of my side projects is to reverse-engineer the Catalyst RPS signals, and build a cheap RPS device from a standard 12V power brick, just for kicks. If anyone has data about the CTRL signals, or is interested otherwise, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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