Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brocade BCLE and BCLP news

To celebrate my achievement of getting the BCLE, Brocade decided to retire the certification and also refresh the BCLP 2010 to BCLP 2013. The BCLE will be incorporated into the BCLP 2013 and the Internetworking Track will be re-designed a bit with a possible new certification.

If you're interested in getting BCLP certified, be sure to visit the Brocade communities in the near future.

Recommended study materials include:

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Administration Guide 53-1002682-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Advanced Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002683-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Firewall Load Balancing Guide 53-1002684-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Global Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002685-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Multitenancy Guide 53-1002693-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 NAT64 Configuration Guide 53-1002690-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Security Guide 53-1002686-01
ServerIron ADX 12.5 Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002687-01
ServerIron ADX v2.0 ARB Admin Guide 53-1002509-01
ServerIron ADX OpenScript Programmer's Guide 53-1002691-01
Best Practices for High Availability Deployment for the Brocade ADX Switch GA-BP-453-00
CLE 202 Course
CLP 240 Course
ADX-TS 300 Course

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