Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun factsheet for HP Procurve 2524 and 2512 switches

To celebrate the release of the 5.77 software and our undying love for the Procurve 2500 series, here is a handy factsheet for the 2512 and 2524 switches:

  • These are layer 2 switches;
  • So they don't have DHCP snooping capabilities;
  • Nor any ARP inspection (DAI).
  • They can't do IP routing, or NAT.
  • Only 1 trunk interface is supported.
  • LACP is supported.
  • Traffic distribution over a trunk is based on MAC addresses.
  • No layer3 ACLs for switching. (Just for the control plane).
  • They have 2 hardware priority queues.
  • They only support L2 COS, not DSCP or TOS.
  • They support voice vlans, but only for QoS purposes, not signaled in LLDP/CDP.
  • They support RSTP, not MSTP.
  • They do support LLDP, but no LLDP-MED.
  • They support CDP in receive-only mode.
  • They support GVRP.
  • They do not support POE.
  • They use the same software as the unmanaged 2300 series.
  • They use the same expansion modules as the 2300 series.
  • There is a proprietary gigabit stacking module for these switches.
  • They can be "stacked" in a master-member fashion, but don't expect much.
The next possible feature of the series might be the 2600 series, which also received new software in December.

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